Donald Trump Elected President In Historic Upset

Wed, November 9, 2016 @ 12:00 am

Republicans in Polk County want to congratulate Donald Trump and Mike Pence for winning the election for President and Vice-president of the United States! President-elect Trump will be a force for substantive change in our government, and we look forward to seeing our state and country benefit from his administration!
Election day started with an unclear sense of how the election would conclude. Hillary Clinton maintained a slight lead in most polls leading up to Election Day and Republican pundits agonized over various scenarios that might lead to bare success for Trump. As exit poll results started coming in early, it seemed that Clinton had a strong lead. However, as key battle-ground states of Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina all came in for Trump, it started to look like Clinton would be the one scratching for path to 270 electors. Fox News had Trump at 244 electoral votes for quite a while late in the evening and early morning hours until they finally called Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes for Trump, and Hillary Clinton conceded.
We thank Secretary Clinton for her years of service in government. There is no question that her life has been focused on public service and that she has had a significant impact on our domestic and foreign policy over the years. Running a campaign for President of the United States can be an overwhelming task, and we appreciate her willingness to work so hard for our country.