Futures Worth Fighting to Defend

Tue, July 11, 2017 @ 12:00 am

Most Iowans/Americans believe that our first line of defense in a war is our military and the men and women who serve in it. But it’s critically important to recognize that our first line of defense is the citizenry. In other words, if the people who work and pay the taxes don’t have futures worth fighting to defend, then we are all going to lose because demoralized people will not stand against our enemies, domestic or foreign.

This is where what Governor Reynolds calls “tax reform” comes in, and she is right if she means to get our taxes simplified and our rates down. Senator Randy Feenstra is working on just such a bill designed to reduce the number of tax brackets from seven down to four, and which will discount the rates for each to save us money. Look for more information on this critical legislation this fall.
As everyone in our Party here knows, Iowans, and Americans, have to have futures worth fighting to defend if we are expected to stand up against those who are corrupt in Washington and the likes of North Korea, Russia, China, Iran and all the Islamic extremists we face.
Historically, governments have worn out their best and most productive citizens with taxes and regulations. Very dangerously, we have been facing the same problem, increasingly, over the past century here in America. Donald Trump was elected by conservatives, and some liberals, who are angry and, in many cases, desperate because their financial problems are difficult and getting worse. His efforts up to this point, unfortunately, have been impacted by Democrats who simply want to “resist,” and some Republicans who want to hold out instead of passing a health care law that could be a first step to better solutions.

In the end, our Party is risking everything if we don’t get something important accomplished soon. If we fail to pass a health care reform that genuinely benefits Iowans and Americans, or a tax reform that pushes money back into our hands to relieve our burdens, voters on both sides of the aisle may vote for Democrats feeling that they have no choice: that it is the only way to try to stop the pain.
In this case, the first war we have to win is the war of words. What we call our plan has to not only describe the benefits, but it has to motivate everyone to call their representatives and senators and tell them that they want their money back.
President Trump had a great slogan which propelled his campaign to victory against all odds: Make America Great Again. The beauty of this slogan was that no one had to even think about it because, in everyone’s mind, when America was great, they had money to pay all their bills and to invest in their futures. Thanks in great part to this slogan/campaign pledge, everyone who ultimately mattered at the polls believed they would have security, freedom and prosperity again. We need such slogans for health care and tax reform, now.

Looking back at 2005-2006, many readers may remember a group called Iowans for Discounted Taxes. It was made up of about six volunteers and it cost $25,000.00 over the course of the campaign to get Senate File 2408 passed into law. That law was an optional flat-tax which some of the Democrats wanted and which Governor Vilsack could not stop. In the end, Vilsack line-item vetoed everything but the Social Security benefit in the bill, but the “discounting” example still stands out and Social Security benefits are still tax-free in Iowa.

“Discounts,” as a tax reform are what we need to demand today. Not only does everyone like discounts on everything already, but the magic is that virtually everyone believes that everyone else is entitled to the same discount they are going to get. In the end, discounting taxes will not only push money back into everyone’s pockets to strengthen us as individuals, as families and as businesses, but they will also grow jobs and the economy creating more revenue for governments. If you want proof, has anyone seen Amazon, Costco or Hy-Vee go out of business?
Forget “tax cuts” which is a term that’s been poisoned. Tell your representative and senator, here and in Washington, that you want a discount on your taxes. Again, that will strengthen you, your family and your business. Most importantly, discounts will give every Iowan and American futures worth fighting to defend at a time when President Trump needs our help the most.

Kevin McLaughlin is in the investment business in Des Moines and is a former Chairman of the Polk County Republican Party. He served as President of Iowans for Discounted Taxes, (Steve Forbes, was Honorary Chairman).

Written by Kevin McLaughlin