Polk County GOP monthly newsletter

Sat, June 27, 2020 @ 12:00 am

Melania Trump: The Paragon of the American Dream

by Paul Sugg

Tom Jones’ song, “She’s a Lady” is but a mere understatement to describe First Lady Melania Trump. She is in fact the “paragon of the American Dream”. A paragon: a perfectly cut 100 carat diamond, or perfectly cut pearl. Another definition: a model of perfection, excellence. All are true fitting descriptions of the most glamorous First Lady of our time.

Born in Slovenia in 1970, she became a model at just sixteen, working with some of the best photographers in Europe. However, her talent and qualities extend beyond mere physical beauty. Few know that she studied architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana, before modeling for an agency in Milan. She won one of the top three positions for Jana Magazine’s “Look of the Year” contest, which resulted in an international modeling contract. From there her career skyrocketed, making her a successful business woman, before meeting that “other successful businessperson”, President Donald J. Trump!

She went from modeling to launching her own jewelry and skin care products lines. She came to the United States in 1996 through her modeling career. She proudly became an American citizen ten years later. Her love of the principle of American exceptionalism and the American dream, seeing both as an open door for all who want to aspire to rise to the greatest heights, actualizing their potential to the fullest degree possible, are fully exemplified by her own success and love of country she exhibited even before becoming the First Lady.

She has served as the Good Will Ambassador for the American Red Cross. She has been the Honorary Chairwoman for the Martha Graham Dance Company. In 2010, she was the Chairwoman for the American Heart Association which raised over $1.7 million for research.

Her work for charity, visiting hospitals as First Lady, comforting the victims of hurricanes and other disasters is legendary. Her work with children has been exemplary of her care and compassion for our nation’s youth and those around the world.

She is a strong willed, brilliant and gracious lady, encompassing all the traits of grandeur and beauty making her the perfect ambassador for America. She is what all American woman should aspire to be: a compassionate, successful example of the true American dream, generating the magnetism, subtle charisma and charm to warm the hearts of all those around her. Her work with children, campaign against bullying in schools, as well as being a mother to Barron Trump clearly show the finest qualities of leadership in her own right. Yes, Tom Jones, “She’s a Lady”, and indeed the lady is ours’, our First Lady. But she is so much more!