Candidate Announces for Polk County Chairman

Tue, March 2, 2021 @ 12:00 am

Dear Central Committee Member,

Here is my official public announcement that I am running for Polk County Republicans Chairman. I am excited to be running; however, another slate of Republicans are also running, so wishing everyone luck, including those running with me and against me. I was honored to serve Polk County Republicans this last summer and fall as your Executive Director. My position ended Nov. 20, 2020 and I have continued volunteering since that. I started in the Political Realm (Republicans) in 2008. Most of my work has been at the Volunteer level, a few paid positions. I was a Delegate x2 from Precinct, County, District, & State into the Conventions in 2008 & 2016. In 2008, I added to the platform to have more stringent laws on sex offenders. In 2016, I added to the platform Erik Jorgensen's Law to assist with Veteran Suicide prevention. I have assisted the State Central Committee in knocking doors for absentee ballot requests in the past, assisted on numerous Campaigns: McCain, McCain/Palin, Santorum, Trump/Pence, Schmett, Young, Branstad, Branstad/Reynolds. I have assisted and co-organized events such as Victory for Veterans/Veterans March on America in 2017 at Iowa State Capitol, State Fair Event 2020, and Branstad Event 2020. I have been a Missing/Murdered/Abused Child Advocate since 2010. I have also served on Polk County Republican Women's Style Show Committee. I have had 2 Congressional jobs. I was a Director of the Board for Victory for Veterans 2017-2019 and assisted in many facets of Veteran Suicide Epidemic since 2016, including Erik Jorgensen's Law. I also have written petitions & ran Justice causes and pages for murdered children. Also, I am currently a Sentinel for Heritage Action for America, Washington D.C., and I am not done yet! Thank you to all I have worked with, met, spoken to on the phone, and gained new relationships with for making my journey so complete, and could have never done all of this without you!!! Our goal is to continue adding and confirming new members to the Central Committee for adequate representation in each precinct, we are all about Transparency and Accountability and plan to continue those actions through this next Administration. We will have excellent financial documentation and readily available to the Central Committee at each meeting. Our plans also include recruiting new members into caucusing and into Polk County Republicans and continuing to support and elect Republicans down the ballot!
Stephanie Jones

Running with me are Jacqueline Riekena of West Des Moines as Secretary, Ryan Keenan of Urbandale as Co-Chair, and Joe Herman of Grimes as Treasurer. Here is some information on them as well:

Ryan Keenan-Co-Chairman:
Ryan currently serves on Polk County Republicans Central Committee, went out and knocked doors for 2020 Candidates, and serves as his precinct Caucus Secretary.
He currently helps lead multi media partnerships for Hawkeyes. 20+ years working with school/ pro teams w/ event/sponsorship as well as National Media w/10 yrs negotiating complex content distribution deals for Disney/ESPN and Fox networks group. His Wife; Heather, is Iowa native and they returned 5 yrs ago for family reasons. They have two girls Meredith age11, and Kyndall age 7.

Jacqueline Riekena-Secretary:
Currently serves on the Polk County Republicans Executive Committee and Polk County Republicans Central Committee and has filled in a few occasions as Secretary taking meeting minutes and providing said minutes to Polk County Republicans for file. She also assisted in organizing and holding Victory for Veterans/Veterans March on America at Iowa State Capitol in 2017. (Attached) are some bulleted points of areas that she has been involved in with the Republican party here.

Joe Herman-Treasurer:
Currently serves on Polk County Central Committee and distributed over 100 Candidate yard signs and barn signs throughout Grimes summer & fall of 2020. Held a sign-waving event in Grimes this fall for our Republican Candidates down the ballot.
He is involved in Gimes Volunteer Support Service, a member of Grimes Chamber, he has served on Grimes Governor Committee. He is a small business owner 100% veteran owned.
Registered Republican since 18yrs of age. He retired from the Army after 30 years of Military Service. He served us in combat in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom 1 & 2 and is the recipient of the Bronze Star.

With all of this being said, as a team with high integrity, we are the movers and shakers for this next Administration and we will work hard & diligently for you. We humbly ask for your vote tomorrow night Tuesday, March 2nd at 6:30 Holiday Inn Downtown for our Election Meeting. See you there!