Polk County GOP Monthly Newsletter - July 25, 2020

Thu, August 6, 2020 @ 12:00 am

Aaron Sewell
July 25 at 9:35 AM
I Love Teaching (A Reflection):

I teach because I love making students feel safe, welcomed, understood.

I teach because I enjoy connecting, interacting, and engaging with students.

I teach because I want my students to understand it's okay not to "get" a concept right now, that it took me years to figure some out.

I teach because of the opportunities I get to build relationships, to make students feel loved, feel safe.

When I teach, I get a lot of things wrong. I mess up a lesson, show up late to assemblies, struggle with handling school related situations.

After really tough days at school, I have sat in my car, emotionally drained, reflecting on everything that happened that day. Defeated...

But each day I come back excited. Ready to face the challenges and to try things differently. I come back excited to figure out how to better connect with my students with the ultimate goal of figuring out how to reach them individually, where they are, so they can learn and learn at their own pace.

I love teaching.

There are so many challenges in teaching, classroom management, keeping up with academic expectations/standards/benchmarks set by the district and state, negative interactions between students that threaten social-emotional development.

This Fall there are plenty of challenges. Teachers have concerns, parents have concerns. Students have concerns.

There are no good answers anyway you cut it. Only difficult choices.

It will be a different school year unlike all other different school years. I'm excited though.

I'm excited to welcome students into my room, to try new learning styles and presentation methods. Excited to face these challenges that face education and to figure out how to still make this an amazing school year for these kids.

We will figure out how to do it all as safely as possible. It won't be perfect, something won't go right, but taking care of our students is absolutely number one for teachers everywhere. These students need us, these families need us, our communities need us.

There is still plenty to figure out but I really believe it's gonna be a great year.

Be safe, be happy, be love.


Aaron Sewell is the Republican candidate for Iowa House, District 42
Visit his page at https://www.facebook.com/sewell.aaron